Unsere Technologie

The fuel we use leave carbon residues in the engine that gradually stick into internal parts creating carbon build up. This process leads to inneficiency in combustion, causing higher fuel consumption, higher carbon emissions and higher wearing of engine parts. This means higher costs in future repairs.

With our new engine carbon cleaner ECC320 we make a preventive treatment of the carbon build up in our car cleaning engine, EGR System, FAP and other parts of the exhaust manifold. The main results are:

– Power increase and better acceleration performance;

– Stable idling and less noise;

– Important fuel saving (>18%);

– Less harmful exhaust emissions – we have in average a CO reduction by 96.5%, CO2 by 23,6% and HC by 71.42%.

How is the carbon carbon inside the engine?

In simple terms, our machine produces hydrogen and oxygen from water, that will be aspirated into the engine trought the air intake manifold. The high calorific power of the hydrogen makes it possible to heat up the combustion, creating the right conditions to burn, disaggregate and eliminate carbon deposits. The hydrogen restore the surface soft carbon deposition and form carbon-based substances easy to burn (HC). The combustion of these substances is fast and increased by the presence of more oxygen in the combustion chamber.

How does it work?

Simply insert the hose of the machine into the air intake duct and connect the electric plug to the wall socket. Start both engine and machine ECC320 and let it work for more or less one hour, depending on the level of fouling of the engine. One hour later the cleaning is finished.